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SME News Legal Awards

SME News Legal Awards 2024

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The Partnership have been awarded Best Conveyancing Law Firm 2024 – Surrey in this year’s SME News Legal Awards!

After years of success within the conveyancing industry, The Partnership have gained recognition from SME News. The winners of these awards have achieved success by presenting solutions for legal needs and carving out a path for themselves in the legal realm.

The awards have been designed to acknowledge and celebrate the firms and individuals who have exhibited excellence, innovation, and leadership in the legal sector.

SME News’ Awards Coordinator, Kaven Cooper, said “Our best-in-class winners are truly making waves for their industry. I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to recognise and reward them for their contribution to their clients. Congratulations again, you deserve it.”

SME News is a quarterly digital publication aimed at those who own, run or assist in the running of small and medium-sized businesses within the UK. SME News, by way of its digital magazine, website and social media outlets, provides a valuable tool to SMEs and their leaders for running their business day to day, seeking the best advice and for growing and succeeding in their endeavours.

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