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The Partnership introduces ‘Holiday Watch’

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With the recent press coverage of lawyers taking holiday without organising cover or giving adequate notice to their clients, which is allegedly causing delays to conveyancing, The Partnership has introduced a new service to address this issue – ‘Holiday Watch’.


This new offering, as part of their Insights range, notifies clients of any planned holidays 14 days prior to a lawyer’s leave date, and also reminds them who will be covering the case in their absence. This transparency is achieved by providing a direct link between the company’s internal holiday system and the Agent, Broker and Client portals, so the information provided is always up to date and accurate.


“We believe advising our clients in advance that their lawyer will be absent and reminding them of who will be there to continue to work on the case, gives them the comfort they need to continue to trust us with their transaction and to know that we’ve always got them covered. The portal warning also serves as a reminder every time they log on, so they will always have peace of mind.” explains Peter Ambrose, Managing Director of The Partnership.


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