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Donald Trump for President – that would be mad!


We thought that the prospect of The Donald becoming president of the United States was the ultimate in madness until we were sent a price list from a panel manager the other day.

Maybe we’ve got little too much self-respect, but when the proportion of a legal fee going to the referrer is higher than that going to the lawyer, something is not right with the world. Given that agents know that low fees are not good for any industry (especially theirs) we’re amazed that people still use such organisations.

Although “Additional Revenue Streams” is a common mantra these days, can it be right to pay a lawyer just £316 when the introducer receives £342? Doing work for that obscenely low fee is bad enough, but paying the introducer more than the lawyer is ridiculous. However, to misquote Mr Cameron, given that “lily-livered” lawyers are signing up to these agreements, maybe we should all start looking for trowels to help Mr Trump build that Mexican wall.