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We are a leading supplier of conveyancing services

Services & pricing

Our unique combination of legal expertise and a friendly, modern approach to service has propelled us in just a few years to becoming a dominant player in the London and home counties market.

We offer the following services

With fixed,all-inclusive pricing.

  • Sale and purchase of all properties
  • New builds
  • Shared ownership
  • Auction
  • Remortgages
  • Transfers of equity
  • Declarations of trust

Additional standard charges:

  • Bank transfer £35.00+VAT (each)
  • Identity check £25.00+VAT
  • Lawyer checker £18.00+VAT
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax form completion fee £150.00+VAT

Starts from



Additional standard charges:

  • Bank transfer £35.00+VAT (each)
  • Identity check £25.00+VAT
  • Lawyer checker £18.00+VAT

Starts from



When buying or selling a property, there are always charges that we have to pay on your behalf to third parties such as management companies or local authorities. These are called “Disbursements” and may include;
Although each transaction is unique – the stages are generally the same:

Stages of buying or selling a property

1. Formally instruct us

We’ll need to verify your identity and ensure all the correct forms are completed.

2. Contract pack

For sales, we send a contract pack to your buyer. For purchases, we wait to receive the contract pack from your seller.

3. Enquiries

For sales, we respond to any enquiries from your buyer. For purchases, we carry out searches and ask enquiries of the seller.

4. Report

For purchases, we produce a report for your property and for your mortgage if you are getting one.

5. Exchange contracts

When everyone is happy with all aspects of the transaction, we exchange contracts. For sales, we wait for the buyer to send through the deposit and for purchases we send the deposit to your seller.

6. Payments

On completion, for sales, we wait for the money to be sent by the buyer, pay off any mortgages and return the remainder to you. On purchases, we send both your payment and your mortgage money (if you are getting one) to the seller.

7. Property registration

Finally, for purchases, we register the property and ensure that the Stamp Duty Land Tax is paid.

For more information

Click here for the government website on buying an selling your home.

Additional information

Transaction times

Currently, the national average for a transaction is around 21 weeks.

Naturally, we are considerably faster than this – we would expect the process to take us about 15 weeks currently.

Introductory fees

We have financial arrangements with some introducers but we absorb these costs and do not pass them onto our clients.

Legal expertise

We employ 23 lawyers, and 23 legal assistants, with an estimated total experience of over 270 years experience between them.

Complaints procedure

Clients have the right to complain to us and to contact the Legal Ombudsman if they are dissatisfied with our handling of their complaint. Further information is available in our:

Complaints procedure