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The Partnership launches ‘Insights’ range of services

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The Partnership sends a clear message that “the time for excuses is over” with the release of a range of services designed to improve the working lives of everyone involved in conveyancing transactions with the company.

With the conveyancing industry dominated by firms using old fashioned software or decrepit paper systems, the concept of ‘paperless efficiency’ appears just a pipe dream. Given this and the typically atrocious state of communication between lawyers and agents, The Partnership’s new “Insights” services are specifically designed to improve the working lives of agents and mortgage brokers while offering their clients a less stressful experience.

As Peter Ambrose, Managing Director explains, “Frankly, the quality of communication and lack of transparency in the conveyancing process is nothing short of abysmal. However, unlike those that bleat from the side lines, we are actually doing the work ourselves, so are uniquely placed to deliver technology solutions that address the real issues involved”.

Insights includes fresh and responsive web-based portals for agents, brokers and clients who share a unified view of the entire transaction.  Ambrose believes this solves many of the problems in the industry and enables them to get deals through quicker.  In fact, he is so confident in the efficiency of his organisation, that live exchange statistics, timescales and win-rates are included for estate agent owners and managers.

“I believe that receiving an award for our use of technology at the Modern Law Conveyancing Awards gives us the right to comment on how technology should be used.  Our portals show not only a live and updated view of the transaction, but what still needs to be done and estimated timescales for its completion.  This is truly revolutionary – we have not come across any other company brave enough to do this”

In addition to their new portals, Insights services include on-site training and online resources for agents to help them get a better understanding of the process.  The range is underpinned by a custom-built case management system designed to ensure Partnership lawyers can offer the most responsive and efficient service on the market.  Intelligent case analytics ensure lawyers have the right quantity and types of case at any time, whilst software robots scour the cases looking for bottlenecks that need to be addressed, keeping potential delays to a minimum.

Agent Insights, Broker Insights and Client Insights are available immediately – contact your account manager, email or call 020 7046 6558 to organise a demonstration.